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In an effort to ensure all parents are aware of the mandatory volunteer requirement guidelines for the upcoming season, please refer to the points below.

Please note: that by completing the online registration process with SGMHA, you have authorized the charge of $300 to your credit card or the cashing of your cheque deposit for any mandatory shift missed or not completed during the season.


  • Every family is required to fulfil one mandatory volunteer requirement. This is per family; NOT per child registered. 
  • A $300 Mandatory Shift Deposit will be required at the time of registration.  The deposit can either be done by a credit card authorization form or a non-dated cheque.  Deposits are only processed if a member does not show up/complete a shift requirement they signed up for or if they have not completed their shift or do not sign up for a shift by February 1st of the current season.  Deposits will be shredded once the shift requirement has been met.
  • Do not wait until the last minute to complete your mandatory volunteer requirement.There's a high possibility there will not be options left and the office will not help you find any.

Mandatory volunteer requirements for 2024-2025 season will consist of the following:

  • 1 EMHW shift during Edmonton Minor Hockey Week - once shifts are confirmed (mid Dec to end of Dec) a link to the i-volunteer sign up platform will be emailed to members still needing to complete their shift requirement.  (shifts may include the timekeeper, scorekeeper, checker (sitting in the stands and checking off that players are on the ice a min of twice per period), door checker (either selling tickets to enter the arena, or checking that you have a ticket to enter). You HAVE to sign up for the shift THROUGH SGMHA. Volunteering for your team is NOT considered fulfilled. 
  • U7 Evaluations - will require 5 evaluators for four 1 hour shifts for two days of evaluations.  Evaluators cannot have a child in this division. If you are interested in this please complete the Evaluator's application and forward it to the U7 Director ( and Chair of Operations (
  • SGMHA/PAC Board Position
  • SGMHA Annual Raffle Ticket Sales - 15 tickets @ $20 each to be sold to complete the requirement (if there are unsold tickets returned the shift will be deem not completed and the shift deposit processed.)  An email will be sent  regarding pick up of tickets for members to complete their shift requirement.  Raffle Draw will be Feb 2025. New for the 2024/2025 season: volunteer positions that used to count towards the mandatory volunteer requirement will now get a credit of $150/position as all SGMHA members are required to sell raffle tickets this season. Please email the office if you have any questions regarding this.  
  • Head Coach/Manager/Treasurer/Safety Position on the team -   (Head coach and Safety person MUST meet the course requirements to be exempt) Please see the Hockey Alberta coach requirement page. The Safety Position must be a bench staff member and registered to the HCR. 
  • The SGMHA executive may offer other options throughout the year to complete mandatory shift requirements but this is not guaranteed

For shifts that use the i-volunteer system, (online sign-up system), when signing up for a mandatory shift,  be sure to confirm your slot by clicking "confirm" on the confirmation email you receive within 10 minutes. Failure to do this may result in the shift being booked by someone else. If you have not confirmed the shift and it opens up in the system for another member to sign up for it, your name will be removed from the slot.  BINGOS ARE NOT CONSIDERED A MANDATORY VOLUNTEER REQUIREMENT​​​​​​​


Once you have signed up for a shift, it is yours. It cannot be returned or cancelled

  • If you do not show up for a scheduled shift, you will be marked as a no-show, and your deposit (cheque or credit) will be processed immediately.
  • Situations can happen. There may be a time when you cannot meet your commitment. If this happens, it is STILL your responsibility to find a replacement to take your shift or switch with another parent.
  • If you do not find a replacement and fail to show up for the shift, your cheque or credit card will be processed.


Below is a list of people who will work your mandatory shift requirement for the current season. Please contact them directly and make arrangements for payment to be made to them to work your required shift. They will sign in under their name, and initial beside your child's name on the sign in sheets. Please note it is still the member's responsibility to ensure the shift is worked by the end of the year. 

If you wish to have your name added to the spare list,  please contact the office by email at  You must be a member of the association to have your name added to the spare list.  Names on the spare list are automatically removed at the end of the season.

** If you would also like your name listed for on the bingo spare list, please make sure in your email that you state you would like your name on the mandatory spare list as well as the bingo spare list**

Jennifer Yaseykojyaseyko@nait.ca780-237-2632