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SGMHA does not restrict the type of costs that a team may incur.  Parent oversight and good judgement will be the overall deciding factor when it comes to determining what extra activities the team agrees to.

Teams are permitted to raise funds through their own fundraising efforts.  Fundraising activity also needs to be planned & budgeted and can include, but are not limited to:
  • Silent Auctions
  • Bottle Drives
  • Product Sales
  • Raffles
  • Donations
The amount and type of fundraising activities is determined by the parents of each team.  There is not a requirement to do any fundraising (parents can opt instead to pay directly to the team their anticipated players portion of the teams budgeted cost), however fundraising will reduce costs to the parents to cover their players portion of the team expenses. 

Fundraising  options can be adjusted throughout the season according to the financial needs of the families, and need to abide by SGMHA Fundraising Policy and process for recording any revenue and expenses associated with the type of fundraiser. 

It is important to consider the time of fundraising activities to ensure funds are available in players account to cover the cost of expense as they arise.