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Meeting minutes

Sep. 24 - 2017

Hockey is back meeting |Minutes
Meeting date | time Date | Time | Meeting location Location
Meeting called by
Brendan Ardron
Type of meeting
Team Orientation
Note taker
Amanda Ardron
Amanda Ardron

Brendan K, Paige H, James B, Ryder St. P, Jace M, Jaden I, Tanner B, Ty G, Daelen J, Avery R, Brayden B, Damion A, Trestyn N-M, Hayden B, Noah V, Tyler B.
And parents
| 5 min | My Background | Presenter Brendan Ardron
Discussion: -Coached for
-7 Seasons of hockey
• Coach lvl 2
• Checking
• Safety
• Attend coaching clinics put on by SGMHA every year.
-7 seasons of soccer
-3 seasons of lacrosse (assistant)
-1 season Basketball

Action items
Person responsible
Goals for the season
1. Maximize potential both on and off of the ice
-on ice
-practice and dryland training
-off ice
-fitness program
2. Promote healthy lifestyles
-Fitness program
-1 push up, sit up, jumping jack
-add 1 of everything every day
-do a team follow up late November to early January
3. Promote mental health
-I am available to talk if you need it
-The number for the help line

Date | time
Personal goals
1. I want everyone to set personal goals for themselves
• Need to be something that is pushing yourself
• Carefully considered
• Strive to achieve the goals
• Meet with the coach in December/January
-discuss progress
-adjust goals if necessary
Presented by Brendan Ardron
Everyone is responsible for their personal goals
September 30 midnight
25 min | Time | Agenda topic Topic | Presenter Name
Discussion Conversation
Conclusion Closing
Action items
Person responsible
-Athlete expectations
-show up on time with a positive attitude (if you will not be able to make it then let me know ahead of time)
-push yourself and strive to do better than the best you’ve ever done in the past
-We are a Family act like it
*I will treat the players as athletes. They are not children and I will not treat them as such. That comes with RESPONSIBILITY though, Players not their parents are responsible for the care and maintenance of their own equipment. I will not accept an excuse of My Mom/Dad forgot whichever piece of equipment.
Have a water bottle for games and practice.
No colored drinks in the water bottles. Water only

Brendan Ardron
Date | time
Coaches expectations
• Show up on time with a positive/professional attitude
• Attempt to attend coach clinics (I will forward the times and dates as I get them)
• Treat the players with Respect
Same as the others
Brendan Ardron
Date | time
10 min | Time | Agenda topic Topic | Presenter Name
Discussion Conversation
Conclusion Closing
Action items
Person responsible
Punishable offenses
• On ice
Puck hogging
-Skate until challenged
-Do not one man team
Long shifts
-Quick shifts
-lots of players
• Off Ice
Bullying(removal from the team You will not be re-imbursed for any portion of the season if this shall come to pass)
-Bullying will not be tolerated period.
-Any claims that someone is Being bullied will be investigated and the offending party(ies) will not play until it is resolved.
- I consider a false claim about bullying to be a form of bullying so it will be dealt with in a like manner.
Brendan Ardron
Date | time

10 min | Time | Agenda topic Topic | Presenter Name
Discussion Conversation
Conclusion Closing
Action items
Person responsible
Volunteer positions
• Manager -Shuanna Gorski
• Treasurer -Lisa Box
Assistant coaches 3-4
• - Dale Ivany
• -Sheldon Ness-munro(limbo)
• -Justin Keech(limbo)
• -Bill Holowatiuk
• -Mike Mackay

Tourney Coordinator -Tanya
• Social Coordinator -Lindsay Ram& Crystal St.Pierre
• Disciplinary committee -coaching staff/manager
• Jersey Parent - Wendy Goodon
• Fundraising- Lisa, Jen &Tanya
Brendan Ardron
September 24
Safety action plan
• Control person takes control of the situation
-Brendan Ardron
-Dale Ivany
• Makes the call whether to bring in the paramedics
• Communication person
-They are the only Parent Calling the Ambulance.
• (have access to multiple phones)
• Know the address of the rinks and the best way to access the ice (nearest doors)
• Emergency numbers
-Panic parent (please take the safety course
-Mike Mackay
- needs to keep everyone calm
-stand at the gate to the rink and don’t allow extra people to be on the ice.

1 home
1 away
Core Values

Brendan Ardron
September 24
Some things that came up after some people started leaving.
-Girls Change room
Girls are to get changed in a separate room that I will locate prior to their arrival, When everybody is past any revealing stage then we will bring them in to the main dressing room.
-no walking around in the dressing room once you have your skates on .
This one I talked to the players about in the dressing room prior to our skate.
-No Parents In the Dressing room
Coaches can help Tighten skates, or with equipment.
It is a safety issue due to large teams/small dressing rooms.
It is also a place where our team should start feeling like a team our teams “fortress of solitude” if you will .
- Pre game warm-up will start 1 hr before game time.
Heart rate going
Stretch out
Get focused
-Dress Code
Dress Shirt and Tie, Pants(Jeans, slacks, dress pants) or skirt
Closed toe shoes

With the exception of Ashtyn
All players will be expected to play 3 consecutive games on Defence.
This is to teach the players that there is another part of the game than just their positions.
I find 3 is the best number so that the players can get a complete feel for the position. After the 3 consecutive games they will not be forced to play back again unless it is due to an absence of players.

Team Name- Falcons

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